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Graduated at the Veterinary School of the Buenos Aires University (UBA) in 1994, majoring in equine reproduction and medicine, and his degree is homologated by the Ministry of Education of Spain.
Throughout his career, he participated as an assistant to various national and international conferences and courses aimed at equine reproduction and medicine, as well as externships at various hospitals and equine stud farm in Kentucky, USA.
He is a member of the Argentinian Association of Equine Veterinary

Experience in Argentina

He worked at the equine clinic of Capitán Sarmiento, in the main breeding area of horses of Argentina, and later as resident vet on the most important stud farm country (Haras Abolengo, Haras La Quebrada, among others).
After this period, he developed as a veterinary consultant in reproductive medicine equine in important studs farms of Europe, USA and South America, making double season (Northern Hemisphere and Southern Hemisphere) for over 12 years.

Experience in Turkey

He served as Veterinary Director Izmit Stallion Station, belonging to the Jockey Club of Turkey, being responsible for the comprehensive management of the center, with over 800 mares and 13 stallions, also provided professional advice for the construction and management of other centers ride there.

Experience in USA

Resident Veterinary ok the equine reproduction center, Pacific International Genetics, based in California. The reproduction services provided where: artificial insemination, frozen semen, embryo transfer, fertility evaluation provided both mares and stallions, semen collection and evaluation of horse and donkey cooling for the delivery to other centers of coverings in Germany, England and France.

Experience in Chile

During a period of 12 years he was veterinary director of the stud Paso Nevado, located in Talca, seventh region, being in charge of the integral management of the stud, as well as in advising the readjustment of its facilities.

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Equine breeding services

Stallion reproductive services:

Breeding soundness examination
Pre- purchase evaluation
Infertility evaluation
Management of stallions in natural service programs
Management of stallions in artificial insemination programs
Management of subfertile stallions

Mare reproductive services:

Breeding soundness examination
Infertility evaluation and treatments
Breeding management of the problem mare
Examination procedures: External conformation, rectal examination, ultrasonography examination, vaginal examination, uterine culture, uterine cytology, uterine biopsy
Pre-purchase evaluation
Follicle and pregnancy checks
Artificial Insemination
Surgery of the caudal reproductive tract, cervical surgery, rectal tears.

National and International consulting

Ambulatory Services:

Include reproductive work, pre-purchase examinations, attention to sick horses and foals, wounds and foalings


Diagnosis and management of the normal and abnormal foal
Foal Medicine: critical care, assessment, monitoring and treatment
Orthopedic Problems
Assessment and correction of angular limb deformities
Foal surgery: Periosteal stripping, ruptured bladder repair, removal of umbilical remnants
Abdomen ultrasonography
Lung Ultrasonography

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